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We have a few repair gurus. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help him take the best care of your guitar. Our team is experienced with acoustic and electric guitars, but can also take care of your banjo, ukulele, mandolin, or other fretted instrument. We take care of everything from set-ups to more extensive repairs. If you're looking to modify your guitar with new pickups, we can help out. We also clean and replace other electronic components. Our most common repair services include...

  •          Restringing
  •          Fret repair and replacement (including dressing, crowning, and leveling)
  •          Nut and saddle replacements
  •          Broken headstocks or necks
  •          Full bridge replacement

We have partnered with A&G Central Music to repair most quality brands and all sizes and types of band and orchestra instruments. A&G Central Music’s roots are in serving area musicians' repair and maintenance needs. Our expert repair technicians are experienced, meticulous, and fast working. All repairs, from the smallest adjustment to the most extensive overhaul, are done in our state of the art repair facility. Let us help your instrument find its voice and sing, all for a price that is less than you may expect.

  •         Set-Up
  •         Ultrasonic Cleaning
  •         Maintenance Agreements

Southern Thumb Music Studio can refer you to qualified piano tuning and repair technicians in your area.

Need something else fixed? We’ll do it! Come on in and see us; we’ll have your instrument fixed in no time.